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Native American Wine Category

Native American Wine Category

Mak’w – Long before Europeans came to the Americas, Native Americans were surviving off of Mother Earth and Father Sky. We lived on the indigenous plants and animals we were able to forage, including grapes. Native Americans saw back then the potential of this fruit and today a number of tribes make it into wine.

The land has always defined Native Americans. In many of our languages, our name for ourselves is The People; we are a people of the land. Our relation with the land is paramount and has little to do with the western culture’s sense of ownership. The land is from where we came and where we will eventually return.

Native American wine is made just like other table wine except extra steps are taken to make it consistent with Native American culture and beliefs such as stewardship of the land, sustainable farming, habitat protection, and water management. The vineyards are blessed by Elders, who also work with vineyard and winery personnel to assure all aspects of the wine follow traditions of our Native American culture. Native American wine is not just a beverage but a tribute to the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky and a proud people. It’s produced with the spirit of our ancestors and the hope for future generations.

In support of Native to Native enterprise, we ask that you consider incorporating a “We proudly pour Native American Wine” section in the forefront of your wine menu. Native American wine offerings in your banquet, catering and VIP programs will also enable the realization of Native to Native full circle. The revenues generated through the sale of Native American wines enable economic progress for individuals, families, Bands and Tribes across Indian country.

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